Reasons to Maintain Your Home

A home in disrepair increases safety and health risks, runs inefficiently increasing utility costs, and requires greater expenditure for maintenance and repair costs. Not to speak of the negative impression it gives to friends, neighbors, relatives, and potential home-buyers when it comes time to sell. Here are the reasons why home maintenance is so important.-Pride in ownership and to have a beautiful, well maintained home.
-Protect the value of one of your largest, most important, lifetime investments/assets.
-Reduce family safety and health risks.
-Improve your home’s appearance and appeal.
-Peace of mind knowing all systems, equipment, and components are in good working order.
-Maximize your home’s sales potential; avoid being surprised by Home Inspection problems when you go to sell your home.
-Everything works as designed.
-Recommended by appliance, equipment, and system manufacturers; warranty protection.

Save money and reduce the Total Cost of Home Ownership:

  • Reduce energy consumption and expenditures (lower utility bills).
  • Extend the life of home components, equipment and systems (deferred spending for replacement/repair).
  • Eliminate avoidable repairs and failures (money that never has to be spent; 100% savings).
  • Avoid the damages and repair consequences of equipment or system failures (the cost to repair damage caused by a failure often far exceeds the cost of replacing the failed equipment/ component; e.g.- the property damaged suffered due to a failed Hot Water Heater in a finished basement far exceeds the cost of the Water Heater replacement, sometimes by more than a hundred-fold).
  • Repair costs will decrease (fewer failures, lower costs).